Premium FOSS instances for all.

whatever.social is a collection of speedy and reliable self-hosted instances of popular FOSS projects, like Piped, Nitter and Hyperpipe. Our growing library focuses on alternatives to privacy invasive services, like YouTube and Twitter.

Have questions or feedback? Contact the admin via E-mail or Session. Be sure to follow @whatever on Mastodon.

Alternative Frontends

All our main alternative frontends proxy your requests through our server in LA, making you much harder to track by these companies.

Logo for Piped service



An alternative frontend for YouTube.

Logo for Nitter service



An alternative frontend for Twitter.

Logo for Hyperpipe service



An alternative frontend for YouTube Music.

Logo for Libreddit service



An alternative frontend for Reddit

Logo for Proxitok service



Coming Soon - An alternative frontend for Tiktok

Whatever Tinfoil

An edition of Whatever Social services for the hardcore privacy enthusiasts. Hosted on a separate server in Nuremburg, Germany, these CDN-free instances fetch data straight from our server, giving the appreciated tinfoil-hat-wearers better peace of mind.

Logo for Piped (Tinfoil) service

Piped (Tinfoil)


The same alternative frontend for YouTube, but with even more privacy.

Help keep the project afloat

As a student, mounting server costs may become a problem in the future. If you'd like to support this project's growth, please consider donating via Liberapay or Monero.

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