Privacy Policy

"We", "our" and "us" refers to's maintainers and/or developers. "You" refers to you as the user of our services.

Whatever Social is committed to giving users more control over their digital life. This is why we take steps to help ensure we are providing a private and secure experience while you browse your favorite social media and services. This policy outlines important details such as what we store, what you will need to consult third parties for, and situations where we cannot protect you.

This policy applies to all Whatever Social's sites, found at and all its subdomains. Some sections of this policy may be specific to one of our services, in which case it is specified. By using our services, you are agreeing to this policy.

Last updated: October 1, 2023

👤 Personal Data

While visiting our sites: The logging done on our sites is minimal to keep the experience private. The primary surface of our logging is in NGINX (A service that we use on our server), where logs kept disabled. However, this may not always be the case. In the event of a critical system error or an attack on our services, such as a DDoS, it may be necessary to temporarily enable logs to diagnose and remedy the issue. In scenarios such as these, logs will be purged as soon as the issue is dealt with. If you are found to be engaging in activities that harm our services, such as spamming, DDoS or brute-force attacks, your IP address may be stored permanently to protect us, our services and other users of our services. View the "Law Enforcement" section of this policy to see how we may be forced to enable them in other situations. An NGINX log, in the duration that its stored, may include your IP address, user agent, and a timestamp along with your web request. See the "Third-parties providing Technical Services" section of this policy.

Information you provide to us: Usernames are stored for the services they apply to. Your e-mail address is received by us when you choose to contact us via e-mail. Your Session Messenger "ID" is received by us when you choose to contact us via Session. No other identifiable information is provided by you to us.

Information we share: Your information is not shared with other entities, except in the cases outlined in the "Third-parties providing Technical Services", "Third-parties providing Payment Services", and "Law Enforcement" sections of this policy.

🍪 Cookies

The only use of cookies and/or local storage in our services is to keep you signed into our services which accounts can be used in, and to save your preferences (Ex: Default video quality on We do not use cookies for any other purposes.

⚖️ Law Enforcement

In the event of a subpoena, court order, other legal process, or to exercise our legal rights and/or to defend against legal claims, we may be forced to give applicable information with third-parties. Our sites hosted on our domain operate on a server in the United States which is subject to New York and US Law, on a server in Germany which is subject to German Law, and on a server in The Netherlands which is subject to Dutch Law.

View the "Personal Data" section of this policy and our Transparency Report.

🤝 Third-parties providing Technical Services


We rely on Backblaze for data backups. Each backup is retained for 14 days. Backblaze is not used on services on our domain. View Backblazes's Privacy Policy to learn more.

On, fonts may be loaded from, which operates via Cloudflare Workers.


We use Session as one of the methods for contacting us. View Session's Privacy Policy to learn more.


We use Proton to receive and store your e-mails sent to us. View Proton's Privacy Policy to learn more.


We use SimpleLogin to relay your e-mails sent to our domain. View SimpleLogin's Privacy Policy to learn more.

💵 Third-parties providing Payment/Shop Services


We rely on Liberapay to handle your payments to us when this method is chosen. We do NOT receive any of your personal information, such as Name, Payment Information, and etc. View Liberapay's Privacy Policy to learn more.

Cake Wallet

If Monero is your chosen method of payment, we rely on Cake Wallet to receive your payment. View Cake Wallet's Privacy Policy to learn more.


We rely on Teespring to handle purchases, production, shipping and related processes, found on "". Teespring collects analytics, which cannot be disabled from our end. View their privacy policies Here [1] and Here [2] to learn more.

🔐 Data Security and Integrity

We take the steps that we deem reasonable to protect your data from unauthorized access and distribution, and from loss of data. For example, we use SSL/TLS to transmit data to you in an encrypted format, and provided passwords are hashed for the services that require user accounts.

🗑️ When you Delete your Account

On the services that you can delete your user account, database backups will continue to hold your information for up to 30 days.

⛔️ Children's Data

We do not knowingly collect personal information from anyone under 13 years of age. If you are aware of someone under the age of 13 using our services, please report them to (PGP Public Key here). If we are able to find any information relating to that person, it will be removed.

📨 Contact Us

If you have questions or feedback regarding this policy, feel free to e-mail us at (PGP Public Key here).

📝 Changes to this Policy

This privacy policy may be subject to changes in the future. Changes to this policy will be marked by the provided date of change.